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Cloth diapers are becoming more and more popular with the parents. For a child's skin cloth diapers are the healthier alternative to disposable diapers. A newborn's skin is so delicate and cloth diapers help us care for it in a natural way. 


Cloth diapers are:

Economical - even though the price of one cloth diaper may seem a bit high, using cloth diapers throughout the diapering period is cheaper than buying many packs of disposable diapers. Additionally, more than one baby can use cloth diapers. They can be passed on to a younger sibling, or sold to another mum.

Ecological - sadly, our planet and ourselves are being flooded with rubbish. Using cloth diapers we can reduce the amount of waste that we generate. 

Aesthetic  -  Lulli offers a wide variety of unique diaper prints. Not only using cloth diapers help us care for the environment, but also they are a practical and aesthetic part of a child's apparel.

Healthy - we know what a cloth diaper is made of. We know what touches our child's skin. Cloth diaper provide good air flow near the skin. 

We sew our diapers in Poland.

AIO Junior Sowa

AIO Junior Sowa
AIO Junior Sowa

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Ecological diapers

For many of us caring for the environment is of high importance. Many new parents ecological diapers choose cloth diapers to protect the sensitive skin of their newborn child and our planet.  Cloth diapers do not have any chemical substances absorbing the wetness, the fabrics are soft and delicate for the skin. Our diapers are breathable and using them you help reduce the amount of waste that humans produce every day. 

We sew covers, pockets with organic cotton or coolmax, All-In-Ones. If you lead an ecological life, using cloth diapers suits right in. 


Cloth diapers for children

Our diapers come in five sizes to fit babies of from newborn to toddler stages of their development. Lulli's diapers are colourful and unique. We hope our diapers will be a part of your every day adventure with your young human.

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